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Yay, we finally convinced you to come over and just say hi.

find out why

We here because ..

"To get the pearl, we need to "get hands dirty"."

We believe that creativity could give contribution for society and our lovely nation, Indonesia.

For those matters, our team in RESET Indonesia, willing to share a creative ideas, information and experience. Or just share our miserable epic love story.

more about RESET Indonesia

We done this.

Make local city search engine.

We believe, we must have an autonomy data in each city in Indonesia. For our pilot project, we present Sidoarjoku dot com for our local city which we're live in.

We support local startup

With coach from our researcher, we empowering local startup to implement their idea. Kindly know the one of them as The Asrar Labs.


As a request Mr. Judhy, one of Indonesia Government prosecutor. We develop an Information system about prosecutor performance that handle some case on Indonesia Prosecutor Institutions a.k.a Kejaksaan. This Information System will help society to get information about current law process.

Write a Book

To improve our scale of handsomeness, one of our researcher write a free ebook (in Bahasa Indonesia), which will brainwash reader that will use the original Indonesia Linux Distro.